Friday, June 29, 2007


Hey I am so excited there are a few long lost friends catching up here with me! So FUN! So in that spirit I wanted to attach a few more pics... Had three more CDs to go through last night... sorry indulge me but enjoy and laugh a little! Some may not seem special to you but each pic I put up here has a great story or a special memory for me! I had and still have the BEST friends a gal could ask for! I encourage everyone to look through old photos... it will make you smile!
Special thanks to the person who explained the Rhino!

Kelli, Me, and Erin! My Accountability my Senior Year and the source of LOTS of laughter

Kris and I... I had been trying to get her out of the meeting ALL night finally did so made someone take a picture!

This was not planned Kelly and I just woke up got dressed and realized we had on the EXACT same outfit!

Shout out to Casey! One of the funniest people I met in College and the Girls who sadly had to share a wall with my apartment!

Jenn and I getting our Aggie Rings! Another one of my FAV people!

There is too much to go into here but this was a hilarious night! At Amy's Ice Cream in Austin with Andrea and Kristi

Um No explanation...

And this may be the most famous picture! This was the beginning of a retaliation for things done to our Cracker Jack Sailor by our neighbors house. It's become now a famous prank I pulled and probably my all time favorite. This was after the first night of swiping things from our neighbors house! Love y'all Kat and Whit!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Memories...on the corner of my mind...

Pretty water color memories of the way we were, scattered pictures...

Okay enough with my singing, so I was SO sure we had pictures of the little escapade spoken of in the last blog, and so I spent all night going through pictures. I take A LOT of pictures, and my father was very generous a few years back and scanned in ALL my college pics for me since I did not have a digital camera then. So last night I went through all these pics, and it took me forever because I had not looked at some of these in FOREVER. So I decided I would share a few for your viewing/ laughing enjoyment...

Here are the great Roommates Amanda, Maggie, Me, Mel, Bonny (our Sophomore year)

Here we are our SR yr getting our Aggie Rings (I actually did not but was there for support)

Angie and I letting blood rush to our heads!

Steph, Me and Jess on Fall Retreat 99

One of my favorite pics, Renee, Me and Kendall Fall Retreat '02

Sara and I Study Break '00

Silver Spur Coaches at Camp Summer '99

Study Break Spring 2002! Our House was FULL!

Christy, Nicole, Terri, Me White Sands New Mexico Summer '99

Emily, Me, Tammi, Island Party '00

Andrea, Me and Kristi! Winter '01!

Crista and I Phi Lamb Meeting!

Emily and I on the Rhino! (seriously this was in our neighbors front lawn!)

Camp Safari Pic... (Sorry KJ)

Leslie attacking me with tape on Pledge Retreat '01... I believe I did something to her sleeping bag... just saying...

Kerri and I ready to Leg War! One of my FAVORITE games!
Steph and I on top of Enchanted Rock!

Prayer Team!

Kelly, Me, and Sarah at the Capitol Dome in Texas!

This is my favorite pic, I told my Mom if I ever go missing this is the one to send to the news stations... not sure why I like it so.. but some reason I think its good! One of my campers took it Summer of '99 and sent it to me

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good Times

So all you who know me… and that’s all you reading this b/c I don’t think I reach the world of those who don’t know me… anyway, know how much I love to play a good practical joke. Next to serving the Lord it’s what I live for. Actually I think it is one of my spiritual gifts. Seriously how would y’all laugh as much as you do if we were not friends… I mean not only am I good for your spirit but I am good for your abs as well… it’s all in my service e to you. But I digress…

Earlier today my good friend Amanda wrote a post about friends reading her blog, for some reason it got me thinking of a lot of good Amanda stories, mainly because I think the very funny side of Amanda that has always been there has been able to shine through magnificently on her blog. Well as I was reminiscing on funny stories including Manda I thought back to the first time I saw this funny devious side come out in her.

In college I sorta began to plant myself in Amanda, Bonny, and Melissa’s apartment. One night I was over there… I think we were to be “studying” but you know with me around that NEVER happened. Well if I recall correctly I was describing some jokes I had played on my roommates and the like, and Amanda piped up and was all “Melissa is out of the house let’s do something to her room.” (Note: Melissa this should clear me of any wrong doing of that night) So we went with the classics, flipping the bed, changing out the drawers, all sorts of random little stunts. We stood there in her room trying to think of more fun things to do when all of the sudden Amanda piped up with MUCH excitement. Not sure if she was inspired by the time I made the bed of my friends truck a fish pond, but Melissa had two candles on either side of her bed (it was hard for me to describe these holders so there is a picture below of the basic idea.) and Amanda practically screamed lets put fish in the candle holders! Bonny and I looked at each other and laughed and we all jumped in the car and headed to Wal-Mart.

Amanda picked out her two favorite Beta fish and we headed back to the apartment to enact this brilliant plan. We removed the candles, filled the holders with water, set the bags in for and hour and then released the fish! It was very humorous to say the least when Melissa realized there were two Beta in her room where her candles should be. I think she got home so late that night she just left them in there. Can’t remember the names of the fish but I do remember being very impressed with my friend Amanda and her humor. I like to think I had a little to do with that wild streak… But I promise I am usually a good influence on people! Seriously… quit laughing!

Imagine the stem shorter and prettier and then the holder bigger...

BIG Sale!

If you do not already know John Piper is having a big resource sale today and tomorrow! ALL of his books are just $5! There is NO limit and I believe Bibles are on sale as well! What What!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Old Friends are the Best Friends!

Old friends really are the best friends. Last night I was able to catch up with some folks I used to work with when I first moved to the city. One of the guys from the office is getting ready to head back to Iraq to work with the Inspector Generals office there. He worked over there for a year and a half as the coalition was changing and power was being handed over to the Iraqi people. He has now signed up to serve for another year maybe more to help ensure things run smoothly there. Mike is a pretty inspiring person to say the least.

But it was a fun evening as all of us have now left our former place of employment the last leaving only a short 8 months ago. We all surpassed the normal time line for employees at our old office of 14 months with the shortest stint being a little over 2 years (that was Mike and not sure if you can count it short since he left to serve in Iraq), the longest being 6. We laughed as we remembered crazy stories or things we went through, stories y’all have to hear me tell except there were 8 of us telling the same story last night. We joked about things we would do to keep us laughing while we worked there, like changing where we would sit in meetings we ran just to throw people off. You would be surprised how much just changing a seat will take someone off their game when they are used to one set up.

I learned a lot from all of these people. We were the room to come to when you needed something done so everyone loved us, and we were the room that often told folks they could not do things they wanted to so that made them not like us but never tell us because soon they would need something else. It was interesting time and great time to work. When I first started there I worked a bit over 3 straight months till I had my first day off (folks this includes Saturdays and Sundays) but everyone was right there with me. So we may have spent a lot of time together and we know each other, just a bit. I love each and everyone of those people. And when I am asked if I will ever return to my old job, I always tell people even if I did it would never be as great, as we had the best of the best on that team and you can’t replace that. Yes the place will always be magnificent and it obviously still runs with out us, but it was a special point in time, a special sequence of people. Not everyone is so lucky to work in a place they are passionate about but even a smaller amount of people get to work in a place where the 100% respect and love the folks they are working besides. I have never found a situation like that again (not that I have had a ton more time to look) but I am unsure if I ever will.

Good luck and Godspeed Mike!
Room One Crew Minus a Few

Mike and I

John and Little Kendal! (She's totally waving to us!)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

This weekend John organized an outing for the college group to watch the Nationals take on the Cleveland Indians. It was an eventful game filled with lots of fun and merriment. But the best part was about a couple of months ago or so a high school friend of mine Ryan Langerhans was traded from the Braves to the Washington Nationals! He and his wife and I all went to school together from Middle school on and were in the same youth group. So it was fun to have a hometown face in the city. it is also fun because I have yet to go to a game here in the city so this was the first time I was able to see him play not on our high school field.

But the students totally thought it was the coolest thing since they had a random personal connection so one of the players. We made signs and had a “Langerhans’ Fans” section of our very own. Sadly Ryan did not start on Saturday as they were checking out some guy from the minors but that did not stop us from trying to get our section to chant to get Ryan on the field and they all went crazy when he came in to pinch hit. Shari sent me a text message and said that she could see us from the Friends and Family box… which I thought was way fun since we were totally in the nose bleed section! Yeah we have team spirit. Sadly though the Nats lost in the 9th inning by one run. And then we endured one of the longest metro rides in my time in DC. Two trains broke down on our ride home and already over crowded trains had to unload and load onto other over crowded trains. It was not comfortable and it was brutal to have to watch all the students. I know they are college students but still you have 18 students with you, you want them to be together in a line and all in eye shot… I was stressed to say the least.

Me, John, Bethany, Ryan and James

Britney, Rachael, Kira, Brian, and Dave

Ryan's Cheering Section

We like to think it is from the large support of the fans Ryan was able to come in and pinch hit... it also may be because he is very talented...

Some of the guys confused why we are unloading yet a second time!

Rachael and I tired and annoyed

Random picture I know just thought it was funny this was HALF of Jodi's burrito from last night, it was as BIG as her HEAD!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Birthday Recap - Round Two

Sorry the rest of the recap took so long, it was a busy week. Well here are the pictures from Monday night (actual day of my birth) I headed to my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant with some of my favorite people and had a low-key hilarious dinner. It was a lot of fun and the restaurant made the right choice in putting us in a room by ourselves because with my friends you know we were laughing and having a good time! Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I know this 27th year of my life will be wonderful! WHOOP!
The Whole Gang at Cactus Cantina!

Everyone enjoying a Mexican Feast! Yes Jeff is showing his chest hair... he thinks it attracts the ladies...?
Katherine and Jodi encouraging Jeff's Theory

They brought out Flaun as the Birthday Surprise!

So everyone ordered Soapipillas to Enjoy!

Gathering Leaders hanging out!

All the Girls!

Sweet Aggie Friends!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Birthday Recap - Round One

I had a great 27th Birthday week of festivities. Still have to upload pics from last nights dinner but here are some photos and info of all the fun that has taken place thus far!

It was kicked off with a dinner with my Bible Study on Thursday night where Jodi brought me an ice cream cake. I use this word loosely as by the time the cake made it to me it was pretty much more ice cream than cake. And had to be taken out of the box and put into Tupperware for safe keeping...But still a good time.

Friday, Jodi had planned a low key party for me. We thought entering my late twenties would be a good time to reminisce about my youthful days. So thus we had a “Chucky Cheese” style party at Dave and Busters. A bunch of folks showed up to play games, eat food and have a great time. I schooled John and almost Jodi in Air Hockey, took on everyone in skeeball with my top score at 340! WHAT WHAT! Traded 1st Place honors with everyone on the basketball game. And then Jodi and I attempted the Dance Dance Revolution game, and convinced John and Jeff to do the same. All I have to say is that this game totally dated all of us as we were completely confused and humbled by the game and our lack of dancing skillz! At the end of the night everyone pooled together the tickets won and got me a large purple bear and some other random goodies.

Some of the folks who came out on Friday to celebrate my birthday with me! Thanks Everyone!

Jeff, Me and Aaron

Gathering Folks! Rachael, Jodi, Me, John and Ryan

Me, Shari and Jodi

Me, John, Jess and Micah

Old Campaign Friends!

Me and Jodes attempting to "Dance"

This confused face says it all!

Jodi and I then packed up and hit the road around 1 am and headed to Lake Anna about an hour and a half south. We got in around 3 am and slept till a little after 10 am, when we got up had some wonderful banana bread from Jodi’s mom and then headed to the water for a little skiing. Jodi’s Dad was great and had the boat in the water waiting for us and took us out on a tour of the lake. Jodi did some slalom skiing and then I hit the water for my first ever attempt at water skiing. I was able to get up on my fourth try! Whoop! It may not have been pretty but I was up! The water was awesome and even though I hit the water more times than not, I had a great time and Jodi’s Dad was very patient with me through the whole time. We then hit up a little Cheesecake Factory and devoured some great food and my fav Tuxedo Cheesecake!

Jodi showing off her skills on the Water!

Me... Not to Graceful... But Like I said I am up!

Jodi and I on the Boat
Mr. and Mrs. Weatherton
Sunday came one of my favorite surprises of the weekend… after service at the Weatherton’s church we headed to Sonic! WHAT! Yes folks there are no Sonics within an hour from where I live and they run the commercials ALL the time! I totally enjoyed my Sonic trip and inhaled two drinks. (Strawberry Slush and Strawberry Smoothie) So I like strawberries… I also had some of Sonic’s wonderful Tater Tots! After Sonic we headed back to Northern Virginia for church where I rocked my gift from Jodes a great shirt that reads “I’m Kind of a Big Deal”.

Jodi and I ordering at Sonic... I kinda ordered one of everything!

Enjoying my Sonic Drink!

Rachael, Me and Jodi with the Bear from D&Bs
Nuf Said!