Monday, July 18, 2011

Checking In Real Quick from Waco

Well I am just shy of living in Waco for two weeks, and I have loved my time here so far. I was excited about the move but I had no idea how much the Lord would allow me to enjoy this new unexpected city!

To say its been a whirl wind would be an extreme understatement! I am still moving into my apartment and would love to put up some pics of the apartment but it is still a work in progress… but I did take a couple of the living room the first weekend on my phone to post on twitter so those will be at the end. I cannot say enough how much I LOVE my new loft! I mean the Lord has given me the perfect place even down to the little fixtures! He really is better to us than He should be! If I could have designed my own loft I would have designed this one!

My job has been just as great! I am working at Baylor University as their Director of Strategic Partnerships, in the office of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships. I started right before our big meeting week (this one) and thus it has been a crazy last week., but that’s just how I like it: Busy and challenged.

I have been seriously impressed with Baylor University and all they are doing there. They are truly taking the Great Commission seriously and its exciting to be a part of the team that is working to help more people realize all that is going on here! I could have you here for hours talking about just a few of the programs I’ve been blessed to hear about.

I’m keeping this one short (I’m sure you are glad about that) but wanted to check in… I will try to post more soon! Especially when my apartment is set up.

Oh! And my sister cut my hair! I have been wanting to do this for a long time and we were watching Friday Night Lights and I love "Tami Taylor's" hair and my sister was like you can do that... so she did... So what do you think is it Tami Taylor?

Here is "Tami Taylor" or Connie Britton and mine below... thoughts?

Here is my apartment during unpacking process...

This is the my living room...

I have been blessed to work in some incredible historic buildings and my current office is no exception... Like I said the Lord is so much better than He has to be!

This is one of the views from my desk!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Who Say's You Can't Go Home!

So as y’all know I left out on this journey to find “What’s Next” a little over three months ago. I knew the Lord was calling me out I just did not know where, so any opportunity that came my way I threw my hat in the ring and asked the Lord to sort it out. I knew where I wanted to go and that was leaving Texas again for a while, I looked in Atlanta and had a blast with some old and new friends, and then spent a week in Nashville praying the Lord would allow my next step to take me there.

The thing I have come to love most about the Lord is His willingness to allow us to explore and search Him out. Wandering in this case I do not believe was out of His will but exactly what He had asked me to so that when He presented to me what the next step would be it would be after He had given me ample time to explore what I saw as personally desirable locations. So after maybe almost 2000 miles on the road He has brought me to a place not even a hundred miles north of my hometown. And I am pumped about it!

As I was driving out of Nashville (the city I wanted to be in the most) the Lord allowed a conversation to take place about an opportunity at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. The job itself couldn’t have been more perfect but I had to ask; as a single gal in her thirties who loved the city was Waco the right place to be. And I LOVE my family please don’t hear me wrong in that but I am a independent gal (sometimes to fault) and I like being out and about exploring and so I didn’t know if I wanted to be so close to home. Well I had about 12 hours in my car after that where the Lord worked on my heart and as I pulled into my apartment complex in Houston in the middle of the night I was convinced this was where the Lord has called me. And I was excited about it! (He is so much better to us than He has to be!)

So I started a long interview process that actually began the next day and did not finalize until this past Wednesday. In that time my lease was up in Houston so I moved back to my hometown with a childhood friend, then in with my brother and sporadically in with another friend from DC. This independent always has a plan girl was humbled because I needed to rely on those around me and I had no plan or timeline to work with. Through this time at home though the Lord has done so much not just in my life but also in some lives around me. Believe me this road has been for me! But its cool to see that He will use it for others as well. If I listed all the Lord has done we’d be here forever and they are not all my stories to share in this public forum but please know they are jaw dropping and even bring tears to my eyes now thinking about it all.

God’s timing is always right and His ways are always for our good. He is the best thing to ever happen to me and the only good that lives within me. He is it!

So I move into a new place on Wednesday, start a new job the following Monday and I am looking forward to the new path He has set out for me and all the adventures that are to come. I know I will meet people who I will love the rest of my life and will change and challenge me to look more like Christ. I can’t wait for this new adventure! Thank you to all who have prayed for me and walked with me in this season of my life. I am so grateful for your faithfulness… now here we go!

P.S. If anyone has Waco suggestions churches, places to eat or shop please let me know! I am totally new to the area!