Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Fit Foods

So some of you knew but many of you did not that last month I took part in a serious challenge here in Houston. My friend Lauren introduced me to this wonderful place called My Fit Foods here in Houston. (They are only currently in Houston and Austin) And they have a 21 Day Liver Cleanse program. They state that a average woman loses 8 to 12 lbs by just following their eating schedule. So I thought this would be a perfect way to kick start losing those pesky lbs I gained after surgery and never lost.

So when I went in to sign up I found out they were hosting a challenge to see who could lose the most weight in the 21 days. My nutritionist told me she thought I only had one other person that would give me a run for my money. Well you know me and competition... I LOVE it! So knowing I could win a prize of $500 of their food kept me 100% on their plan! No cheating here!

So the whole idea is they prepare you "clean meals", no preservatives, no grease no nothing! They provide you with all three meals, two snacks and supplements for the bargain price of $500. (So if I won, I won all my money back!) The meals are FRESH and not frozen! They are packaged for you in the perfect portion, and they plan everything out to make sure you are getting all the right nutrients and the right amounts each day. So twice a week I would go in and pick up my fresh meals, Luz, my nutritionist would meet with me see how everything was working and adjust what she needed to. It was SO easy...

Well on top of that since there was a prize to be won you know I kicked it into gear at the gym! So at the end of 21 days, eating only their food and hitting the gym 6 days a week... I lost 23 lbs!!! WHAT! 12% of my body weight! The second place GUY lost 8%! I was so excited when Luz called to tell me, she said wait there is more, more? Yep, Luz told me I not only won for my store but out of the hundreds of folks doing it in the Houston area!!! And was the only person to hit the double digit weight loss! WHAT! So I won $1000!!!! I could not even believe it!

So would I recommend My Fit Foods... Heck Yes! The meals are surprisingly good, I had almost no meals that I did not like. And many that I LOVED!!!