Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Waco Loft

So I have been meaning to post pics of the new place for a long time! If I haven't said it before the Lord has BLESSED me in Waco! I have my dream ideal apartment and I love coming home every night, which makes the fact that I have not been on a plane since May a lot more tolerable... So here are some pics of the loft! Still have a bit to do but I cleaned it up because I am hosting some friends I've met here in Waco for a dinner party! This will be the first group of friends I will have over for dinner! Very excited! Two things I wanted to do more of in Waco one was read and two was cook... I have successfully tackled cooking now more reading is progressing but...

This is my living room and a bit of the "dining room"

Better shot of my living room

This is my kitchen and a bit of... well not sure what you call the other space...

A look into the kitchen form the "dining room"

Look form the "other area" into the kitchen, entry way and the study
(no pics of the study yet... its still a work in progress)

This is my bedroom looking into my bathroom

Here is my master bath! AMAZING! Look in the mirror and you will see my...

SHOWER! Its amazing! No need for a curtain or anything! CRAZY!