Thursday, September 20, 2007

Catching Up!

Okay so I have been bad with catching everyone up on things happening in my life... the whole point of this blog. Well I looked at my calender last night as I was setting something in for next week, and realized by the end of this month I will have had just one night to myself! And that was last week and I had to run errands! So sorry I have been bad but I promise I have been busy! Here is some quick looks at the fun September has held!

For Sara's Birthday she wanted to host a dinner party at our house...

She prepped and did all this herself because she had a picture in her mind what her party would look like! So it was fun having all the friends over for a nice relaxing meal.

The Gathering kicked off this month in full effect. This is the "Sisters" as we are called hanging out the first night!

Little pic of our after service fun!

We had a Gathering Leadership Retreat for Students and Volunteers at Jodi's Rents Lake House and my favorite part is there is a Sonic close by!!!! So we stopped for a little Cherry Limeade Goodness!

The Girls enjoying some bonding time, making fun of the boys

Me and My "Cuz" Katherine

There was a serious Ping Pong Tourney which I reffed.

The Gals decided to jump in the water for some late night swimin!

For Labor Day Jodes and I headed down to Florida for my annual summer trip and hit up Miami and Key West

We saw some interesting people...

And some interesting vehicles... Nothin Runs Like a Deere

Enjoyed some time with out Snorkel Guide

Sadly when you snorkel you just can't look to cute! ;)

Then we headed to Key West for dinner and sunset

As we left Key West this is what we saw... we were confused on how this system worked?

So that is some of the fun I have been having. Jared comes in town this weekend and we are going to head to Annapolis to catch a Navy Football game. Will post on how that goes. And I am going to try to get some sleep and Michelle time very soon! Miss y'all!

Monday, September 17, 2007

It's a Great Day to be Alive!

Well its 2:45 pm and I just got a large latte from the coffee shop. Why you may ask, because I am a tired as I think I may have ever been in my life. Well I take that back there are a couple of times where I think I may have been a bit more tired, but right now I am giving them a run for their money. So literally for the past three weeks I have gone non-stop without what feels like a moment to myself. I have had something every night of every week for the last three weeks. It’s all been things I love, hanging with friends, chatting with college students, work functions. But as hard as this may be for some of y’all to believe I NEED Michelle time. Time with just me, and I have been truckin through with none of that for a very long time right now, and have now added no sleep on top of no Michelle time.

This weekend I was certain would be different. I tried to ensure that it would, and alas it did not work out as I had hoped. While again I truly enjoyed all I got to do, I was still tired and still wanting alone time when Sunday rolled around. So I was a tad sad when I realized that my time I thought would be a break was gone. I pushed through Sunday as I would any other day, happy to be where I was but desperately wanting to be somewhere else (i.e. my bed!) As I headed into church I was rushed, I had lost track of time and asked Jodi to stop for coffee on the way so I would not dose off during the prayers (you’re laughing because you know you do it!) And those who know me know how anal I am about schedules and time and the like. So I was flustered upset to be there late, upset at myself because I had caused us to be late! But as I rushed in barely taking time to acknowledge friends, I turned the corner to where we usually sit with the college students and my eyes fell on a row and a half of students piled in and worshiping the Lord! I almost wanted to go into tears then, but gave a line full of hi-fives to show my joy and entered into one of the best times of worship I have ever experienced. God just stopped me and reminded me that all of this is His. Everything, even my time and my sleep, all His. He chooses when to allow me these luxuries and He chooses when to pour me out to where I think there is nothing left to give. I was rejuvenated in a whole new way during worship and it was awesome. As the sermon began (it was good and I did take notes) I began to look around me at the folks there. The students I am so honored that God lets me serve and the friends that help to sustain me and put up with me when I think there is nothing left. They usually get the brunt of me because I try never to be short or tired around the students so they are the ones who endure my frustrated tired side, and still love me. It is for that I am thankful.

Then my best friend for the past six years and roommate for the past 3 and I and our other roommate Nicole went to grab dinner and coffee to celebrate Sara’s birthday. It was a refreshing and joyful time of fellowship. We headed home to meet our other roommate Selena and had some good laughs trying to take a roommate picture. I had one of the best quiet times I have had in a long time last night and it was so refreshing! I awoke this morning still tired but yet more alive and awake than I have been in a long while! My morning and afternoon has been filled with many blessings and promises fulfilled by the Lord. I may be exhausted and worn out but to be honest that just physical junk. I feel like I just finished one of the best work outs ever! I am ready to keep trucking through till I actually get that day of rest… when will it be not sure… every night has something already booked this week into next, but I know it will come when it is needed and I will be pumped! I love the people God has sent to support me in my life. And I could have never walked the road I have walked without them. Spiritually, physically and in my career. I am so thankful of the blessings of my friends! Here are a few of those DC faces!

The Gathering Leader and Student Leader retreat last weekend!

Jodi and I this weekend
And then there are my roommates... uh I have no words for these girls. Lets be honest if they live with me you know they have to be crazy! We may or may not have turned our quest for a roommate pic into a roommate photo shoot last night! I LOVE these girls! And could not do my life without their support and love!

Sara and Nicole ready for their photo shoot!

Um yeah we can not be serious...

Ah we are sweet... Me, Nicole, Selena and Sara seated

Happy Birthday Sara!

Do you really think anyone should have allowed us to have coffee this late at night...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This morning I awoke at 4:45 am to watch the Women's National Team take on North Korea. It was a tough match and they tied, not what I was hoping for to start the morning. I took some time acknowledging the day and what it meant for so many in our nation today. And was a bit perplexed what this day might bring me. There were many random happenings that sent my day to very sad and then very happy and back to sad.

By the time my work day was over I was WIPED but I knew it was time to get myself into shape and head to American U for The Gathering. (The college ministry I work with) Spiritually I have had a very difficult last few weeks. With many struggles and past junk coming back at me. I was wondering how our night would go. On my way to campus I received a text message from a former camper I had led while I was in college. She is the first student I had become extremely close with who walked away from the Lord. Its heart breaking for me to know she does not believe in Him anymore but I am glad that God has kept us connected. Just before we were getting started for the night one of the students informed me that another student I have had the privilege of leading, that now has also stepped away from the faith would be showing up to say hi. It was a great reunion as I am always so happy to see her face but at the same time sadden as she walks away from the Lord. I met this person when the Gathering first started on campus with just three students. (I got to see two of them tonight) And as we were standing out side of Kay I told her to look around at what she helped create for all these new students. It was kinda a cool and very sad moment.

John spoke about making sure we carve out time to do exactly what God has created us to do that we are passionate about. And as many of life's big decisions are weighing over me again and I feel overwhelmed with responsibility, it was amazing to stand in the midst of this ministry I have had the honor to serve with for the last almost three years. God could do all this without any of us but He gives us the privilege to be a part of it. As 83 students (27 being guys) stood in worship to the Lord, I could not help but cry in awe of God. This weekend I looked at my situation with earthly eyes, and only saw my current hardships. And even asked the Lord if He was sure He really wanted me leading these students and volunteers. Tonight God said nope, I want to lead them but I want to do so through you. I have brought you through these last three years and look how I have blessed and molded this ministry. Its not about me and my struggles, its all about the Lord. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that. I love these students and I am SO blessed an honored to serve them, and get to love on them. Watching them praise the Lord tonight and looking at so many faces I have seen mature into strong Christian leaders from just a few short years ago. Its amazing. God can take whatever you give him and multiply it despite us and our failures. In the Spring of 2005 3 students and a handful of volunteers got started at AU and now in the Fall of 2007 83 students, and 11 volunteers met together tonight to worship God because of their vision. Its pretty awesome!

Here are the Lyrics to Evermore (the Worship song that made me stop tonight)

Lost for words with all to say
Lord you take my breath away
Still my soul, my soul cries out For you are holy
And as I look upon your name
Circumstances fade away
Now your glory steals my heart
You are holy You are holy Lord
Evermore my heart, my heart will say
Above all, I live for your glory
Even if my world falls I will say
Above all, I live for your glory
With all my heart I'll say I'm living for your name
With all to give you praise
We're living for your glory Lord

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

True Story...

So there I was enjoying a perfectly great vacation when Jodi and I walked into a local Winn-Dixie (that's a grocery store for those who do not have a local one) in Key West, FL. We headed to the back to seek out their ladies room... I was the first through the door, as soon as I walked in I was certain we opened the wrong one and turned back and checked only to find we had in deed found the Ladies Room. To which Jodi asked why I was so unsure and as she stepped through the door she almost fell on the ground laughing. We had to get a picture because no one would believe us if not! Just imagine people if we did not know each other... this would be very awkward! I'll give 'em this, at least it was really clean!