Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back to Phi Lamb

(Katie, Alex, Me, and Courtney... TIRED!)

So this year I was given the great opportunity to step back and be involved again in Sigma Phi Lambda. The Christian sorority I was a part of all through college that I really credit to developing me into a more mature christian woman. I made my best friends through this group and had a lot of laughs! So when I received a phone call this summer to see if I "had time" to be involved in the Alumni Council for the A&M chapter I told them "have time! what! Of course I have time!"

First it was great to see how the Lord is moving me out of leadership in the Gathering an organization I have loved for so many years, and helping me out with giving me another way to serve college students, who He has given me a deep passion for. He never moves you from one ministry without giving you another way to pour out and that is so awesome!

So as a part of the Alumni Council I get to pour into three of the officers Alex the VP, Katie the Secretary and Courtney the crazy Pledge Trainer (they told me we would get along, but I don't see it...) These girls and even the other 4 have become a great part of my life this semester and I look forward to all our chats. Last month I had the great privilege to speak at their fall retreat and share with them a lot of what the Lord has taught me since I left A&M. It was a great event and I will post some pics on that soon. (as soon as I get my camera back! ~ Which is also holding the pictures to the awesome NKOTB concert that I have yet to tell you about!)... But I digress, lets just say I did 3 talks in 14 hours... 8 pm, Mid-Night and 7:30 am, and was super sick, and on top of that I TOTALLY forgot about this college thing of not sleeping. So I did not got to bed until almost 3 am... see when you are 28 this is the perfect storm for a body crash! It was almost worse on my body than a campaign! So the photo up top is the four of us getting lunch after the retreat... man do I look ROUGH on so little sleep but hey it was a great night and some great food, with a lot of bonding and some embarrassing moments only we could love (**wink, wink Alex**)... nothing is right when you are running on such little sleep... I love you girls and I am looking forward to seeing you and the others in less than 9 days!!!

A Little Bragging...

So my friend Shea was covered by CNN recently and they have a little video essay on her. So I had to brag, she is great and we used to travel together a lot. Once we had Thai food delivered to our van parked across the street from the resturaunt because we had to stay in the van. It was Shea's idea she is always thinking on her feet! So click the link and hit play in the middle of the screen.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Team Dickerson

Well folks, with the ending of my lease this month, and that whole, not knowing what I am doing next things hanging over my head... I had to find a place to live and one that would not make me sign any crazy lease, or pay a ridiculous amount of money and so on and so forth... so after much searching (and by much searching I mean I was having lunch with Ashleigh and said stink I need to figure out what I am going to do and she said you are moving in with us, and I was all okay...)

I have landed on Team Dickerson, there were many teams looking to pick me up for the final three months of the season, but alas the Dickerson's won! Ashleigh and I were in Phi Lamb together in college and both lived in the wonderful world that is the L Building in Scandia Apartments! Shout out 12 L! And we reconnected when her and Joe moved to the DC area a couple years ago. It has been great having another Aggie friend here, and living with them will be even better! So get excited for lots of fun Dickerson posts to come! The best thing is they have a Lab named Hank who is very sweet! So I get a dog for a few months! WHOOP!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grand Central Station... and Quiet Times?

Lets be honest (I mean y'all know me, no one else reads this) I am a little weird... well lets just say weird. One of my favorite things about extended time in New York is being able to do my quiet times at Grand Central Station! Quiet and Grand Central Station is a bit of an oxy-moron, I know. But when I was growing up someone showed me this picture of Grand Central Station that just struck me. I loved it but was not too sure why.

As I got into college I took saw the picture again and the Lord showed me something in it. You can see the people moving about and going through their lives and then from the windows the light shines in illuminating the place. At that place in my life the Lord needed to remind me no matter how busy or crazy things around me got or that I myself got. His light was always shining down on me guiding my path and my way. So Grand Central Station became this amazing place of encouragement to me even before I ever saw the place!

I did not get to see it until 2005 and when I did I loved it and have ever since. Now every time I am in New York, I like to go there grab my bible, my ipod and a Venti Extra Hot No Whip Mocha from Starbucks and meet with the Lord. In the midst of the business of Grand Central Station the Lord stops me and reminds me He is the light on my life nothing I accomplish or do it, but Him and Him alone, and He is the one guiding and leading me. Its just more proof that the Lord will meet us no matter where we are!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hidden Treasures!

Well I could go into how insane my last couple of weeks... well lets be honest last few months have been! I think I could count the number of times I have stayed in my own bed on my fingers! So these last two weeks were pretty crazy to say the least, I have just landed in NYC and this is the sixth city I have been in in 4 days!

So last night I got back from Texas at 11 pm in Baltimore, when I realized I had left ALL my heels at work! AH! I had to fly out for NYC at 7 am, so I had to swing by the office which put me home at 12:30 am, after showering and packing my head did not hit the bed until almost 2 am and my head was lifted at 4:45 am~ The day has been pretty uneventful flight was good, lots of meetings and some random hiccups in things... i.e. someone dropped my computer and now I have a nice crack through the screen! Hoping it gets fixed soon! But I was wiped and not out for a night on the town with friends...

I opted for a lonely New York Night (which is a good thing) I had my heart set on walking around the city for a bit since it is such great weather and then getting a burger at my favorite burger place in town! Corner Bistro! While walking I struck up a convo with one of the door men on 5th Ave and casually mentioned how I was looking for wad to a comfort burger but was not in for the long haul to downtown... He then enlighten me on another wonderful burger spot!

To be honest to hear him explain getting there you would think I was going to a speak easy... but so you go down 57th Street till you reach the Le Parker Meridien hotel, walk through the door through the bar, into the lobby, and then look for the VERY narrow hallway that just has a neon burger lit up over a door at the end of the hall and there you have it The Burger Joint one of the best burgers I have had! No sign no credit cards and nothing but burgers and fries! It was awesome and all that I could hope for so I am passing the tip onto you! When you get to New York, you must go by the Corner Bistro if you are downtown, but when you hit the upper West side... hit up the Burger Joint! They are made to order and awesome!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back By Popular Demand!

So I am back... I realized how much this helped me to keep up with folks and life is slowing down a bit I think I have time to post... So check back I will try to update some pics and post something good soon! Hopefully now I won;t have to flood e-mails! Love y'all!