Monday, April 18, 2011

On the Road Again

So I love that almost a year ago I posted on here an update and hoping to be better about updating this bad boy… alas that obviously has not happen because here we are a year later until my next post!

Well I am sitting in a Tire and Lube center at the Wal-Mart in Marlin, TX in between Ft. Worth and College Station. I love small town Texas and just have to say that Ray and DJ are taking very good care of me here. DJ came in and told me he has never seen so many bible verses in one car and asked b=why I had so many. Then after chatting a bit he told me he is currently supporting his wife, parents and grandmother and they all live in one house he is fixing up himself! He is a pretty solid guy so if you are ever by Marlin, Texas I recommend letting these guys work on your car!

So the reason for the update and car work. Tonight I am finishing up what I am calling my Texas tour. I headed to Austin stayed a couple of days to hang with family take my nephews out to dinner and see my niece Grace be baptized. I then headed to Ft. Worth for my long time roomie and one of my best friends from college Wedding reception. Sara got married in the mountains in Montana this February and not many folks were able to get there so we had a little Texas celebration on her behalf! It was a blast getting to celebrate her and Joe’s marriage and getting to catch up with old friends! I also had a chance to hang out with a couple of old friends while there and now I am driving to College Station to hang with the Phi Lamb girls (DJ just came out and told me my tires needed to be replaced… darn that’s another $260 but I know they needed to be done soon and would rather be safe than sorry when I am out on the road)

So onto what is next for me. The Lord recently led me to head out in search of where He will have me serve next. He has been more than gracious and done amazing things in my career so far. So even though it may seem a little overwhelming stepping out in this economy I completely trust Him and I am looking forward to what He has next. Tomorrow morning I will get up and drive to Atlanta, GA to meet with some friends and see if the Lord opens a door there. I will be there Wednesday and Thursday and then drive up to Nashville to do the same thing there.

These are not the only places I am looking but two that the Lord has continually brought to my heart and mind so I trust Him with those leanings. I truly am super excited and I am looking forward to the people I will meet on the way. Like the chance to meet DJ here at the Wal-Mart. I will do my best about being good and updating things on this blog. It is the best way I have found in the past to keep people I love in the loop! Thank you for your prayers and I look forward to telling of all the great things the Lord is doing!

Me and my nephews (Gabe and Jeremiah) Getting ready to head to dinner

Old Friends are te Best Friends! College buddies Laura, Me, Sara (THE BRIDE!) and Leah

My friend Linnae and I walking around Southlake Town Center