Friday, April 3, 2009

Random News...

Well a lot has happened here recently I think I should update everyone on as well as a lot of fun randomness. So here goes…

- I accepted a job in Houston, Texas and will be moving there next Saturday!
- With the move I obviously needed a place to live… so after one Sunday afternoon with Jared and a Monday night with Mom and Amanda… I officially signed on my first place that is ALL mine!
- I now rent a one bedroom, with a study apartment! I feel like and adult now!
- Apartment shopping is crazy and I was glad to have both Jared and Amanda help me figure out Houston!
- I also bought an apartment full of furniture (way to go Rooms-to-Go!) as I have never furnished anything past my bedroom and I left a lot of that furniture in DC.
- I am slowly realizing the great expense it is to fill an apartment by yourself! Kitchen utensils and ware did not come included!
- Also with the move my Mom thought it would be a good plan to bring down all the boxes I stashed in her attic after High School and College…
- Going through them while funny (Dear Lord why did you my friends and my family allow me to go out dressed like that! Feathered bangs… never good…) is also tedious and VERY time consuming! AH!
- I was in the Valley all last week for Reading Rock Stars! It is a program put on by the Texas Book Festival for under privileged or rural schools that brings an author or two to the school to speak to the kids and then leaves them with a signed book. It’s a blast watching the kids faces!
- While in the Valley I attempted my long run getting prepped for the Blue Bell 10 K I am running in a couple of weeks (when did I get so out of shape I have to train for a 10k!) and almost died from the heat and humidity!
- Dear Lord protect me when I try to run in Houston or rid me of this crazy habit!
- I also got to catch up with a fun DC friend while I was in McAllen for breakfast and then have dinner with one of my craziest DC friends in Austin that night! Good times my friends good times!
- Wednesday night was a big benefit dinner I helped plan here for the Texas Book Festival it was a wild success and a lot of fun! Go to Fleming’s folks! These people were great they did an amazing dinner for over 50 people FREE of charge to us! All of the money folks paid to attend went straight to the Book Festival and it was awesome!!!
- Yesterday Heidi and I went for lunch on Iron Cactus’ up stairs patio while we were basking in the good weather and conversation the wind picked up and swept our chips up and over the ledge on the people below! It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen!!!

Okay I am sure there is a lot more random to share but I have to get back to work! If you want to come and help me pack this weekend I am turning down no lovely hands, if you want to help me move next into my awesome pad PLEASE do… oh wait did I mention my apartment was on the 3rd Floor! (its good to have good guy friends and a brothers with big friends! Whew!)

Here are a few pics from Reading Rock Stars!

Xavier Garza signing autographs!

Dr. Tuffula teaching the Kids they can create a story

Xavier Garza telling the kids a scary story!