Sunday, April 18, 2010

On the Road!

So I promised I would try to be better about this again and alas I have not, I promise this time things are a changing! I have been at my favorite place ever... and that's actually on the road! I haven't been in my home for a weekend in in over a month and will not be here the next month... but I could not be happier!

Was in Tucson and ate a lot of In and Out burgers! Then headed home to Austin and Llano to spend Easter at home with my family! (Funny thing is I have been blessed to be home the last 4 Easters because of all sorts of different reasons but mainly weddings.. weird I had not made it home in 7 Thanksgiving but made it home over half of the years I was gone.) But I digress... It was awesome to be home with the all the nieces and nephews and heard the great news that we will be joined by one more family member this year!!! WHOOP! mu oldest sister Rachuel is pregnant and all the family is convinced Baby B is a boy... I'm still not to sure but I am SO blessed and excited to be an Aunt once more.

Then last Friday I hoped one plane and headed to my second home Washington, DC! I was so blessed to spend 5 days there catching up with friend and some of my favorite college students in the world! That trip is set for a whole other post so check back!

I was able to get back in time for a LPM Birthday lunch and celebration, pretty sure no one does birthday celebrations like the lovely ladies at LPM! I actually paid to make sure I got back in time, because I could not imagine not getting to celebrate with them! So I was in Houston just long enough to empty my suitcase, wash the clothes and then put them back in to head out a day later for Tampa, Florida. It was an amazing event there and like no other I had been able to take part in. The Lord did so much and we were all so blessed! Then I received a double portion and Continental upgraded my ticket to First Class for the way back, and we happened to be on a large plane so our seats pretty much laid flat... so we laid back to say the least!

Will be home for about 5 days and then head out to Atlanta! Looking forward to a great event there but also looking forward to seeing my good friend from DC Allie! Will check back in soon with some pics and more from DC!