Monday, December 15, 2008

Driving In Circles!

I know I owe y'all a post on my last Gathering... I have written something a few times but its actually harder than I thought... so an easy one... Something I won't miss! DRIVING IN CIRCLES!

If there is one thing I will not understand its the circle intersection. They claim it is supposed to be better than regular intersections and more efficient but this is just not true! You get one person in that mess who does not understand the circle (I am usually that girl) and the whole circle can become grid-locked and it can be one of the most stressful moments of your driving life!! I have lived in DC for 6 years now... and one thing I will not miss is driving in circles especially DuPont Circle! (If you looked at the photo do not be fooled by the lack of cars... I think they photo shopped them out) Its as bad as you think it would be and I avoid it at all cost. IF I HAVE to drive around it, I usually have to prepare myself in prayer and relaxing thoughts of my happy place (Texas) to get through it... but alas I usually end up screaming like a little girl the whole way through and crying to my destination and having to gather myself before I enter where ever I am going...

So this brings us to this morning, I had a VERY important event to be at this morning and thus ran directions last night from my computer to the site. Calculated a time to leave added an hour for lovely traffic and I knew it would be sprinkling outside so all DC-Metro area drivers would be acting like it was the end of the world and the horrible 2 hr commutes I had to endure last week would rear their ugly heads. I immediately saw the words I did not want to see "enter DuPont Circle Roundabout" I almost started crying last night, but looked at the map and thought I had a plan... Well as many well laid out plans it was to no avail for me this morning because indeed it did sprinkle and indeed all those driving around me forgot how to do so and thus entering on to 495 was not doable with the back up and I had to by-pass heading to my own demise in the circle.

Now one other note was I knew I could get there without the circle if I went over the 14th street Bridge. But the problem here is that this bridge has been rated the WORST for traffic by AAA for the last 3 years... so I was throwing the dice of getting there on time, I would be lying if I did not think about taking the bridge and dealing with the traffic and being late, so you know how much I hate the circle. But my better judgement and need for a job talked me out of it and I headed across the Key Bridge to my doom.

I had been prepping myself the whole way, praying that God would give me a sweet blessing and open up the circle so I could breeze right through. These thoughts were quickly squashed as I came upon my entrance to the circle and there was a water main break! WHAT! Water EVERY WHERE! A dump truck and many utility trucks in the road, I could feel the fear rising, I mean what more did rush hour in the circle need but a dump truck and water every where! Adding in the still fact that it was drizzling, and the people of Washington had still lost their minds! Seriously it was literally the perfect storm and I thought why not just drive over the circle and through the park, but the last time I did that a few park benches and tourist had to pay and the police have told me no more for that.

The best part is you get a yellow arrow to tell you to cautiously enter the circle, because even the light knows how horrible it is. So I sucked it up and entered the circle. My body tensed and my eyes darted in every direction, as you never know where these cars are coming from. I tried to follow the lines and stay in the right lane, I moved like the frogger dodging buses and pedestrians. And in no time I was through and safely on the other side of New Hampshire Ave! WHEW! So I was a little angry as I thought all these years and I finally over come this stupid circle! Well don;t plan to see me going through again unless I have to, but I feel better knowing that once just once even under the WORST conditions, I won.

1 Point Michelle
436 - DuPont

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Joe, Ash and Hank said...

Love the score. I have to drive to Union Station tomorrow...All 5 times I have driven there I have gotten lost.