Monday, August 29, 2011

As Our Own

Last year my friend Sherry and I undertook training for our first Marathon together, it is something that is on both of our lists of things to do in life. Unfortunately Sherry was injured early in our training but she stayed committed and would still meet me and ride her bike as I ran. (stud friend) Then half way through the training after the 14 mile run last November I fractured my foot. At first I thought a small fracture would not be a big deal and tried to jump back into things as soon as they took me out of the boot. I quickly and painfully learned I was wrong. During that time the Lord was teaching me a lot about healing in my spiritual life specifically the need to take the time and work to properly heal and not just "suck it up" and push through. He did that a lot through the physical aspect of properly healing and rehabbing my foot back to health.

But then I allowed myself to stay in the healing stage of life and have been favoring my foot and not pushing it to its full potential. I believe we sometimes do this not just physically but spiritually when we are afraid to step back out there and get in the race.

And then through my friend Amanda I learned about a really neat opportunity to run a half-marathon in support of a young girl in India. As Our Own is in organization that rescues girls in India who are vulnerable to being trapped into sex-trafficking; which is a severe problem there. Many of these girls are rescued from the brothels where their mothers are enslaved and they are forced to sleep under the beds their mothers are "working" in. As Our Own is an incredible and very credible organization.

This year they are doing a fundraising effort with runners in 10 half-marathon races across the United States running for 10 girls that have been rescued in India! They are asking each runner to raise $750 a piece (but my goal is to try to double that and raise $1500 for these girls) Please watch the short video below for a bit more info on the campaign.

I WILL RUN from As Our Own on Vimeo.

I was afraid that there was not going to be enough time to train to run a half, then I was worried what if my foot isn't ready... well I can not think of any better reason to toss all the excuses aside than Pashi. She is the girl I will be running for in the San Antonio Half-Marathon in November. And I believe the Lord will get me through it all and across that finish line with His help and your support of Pashi and the new life she has been given. So please stand in support with me in this en devour. We are given so much in America and our kids have so much more than their peers around the world.

I would ask for as little as you can give even if its only $5 (those add up) or as much as you feel able to give! :) BUT if you have been struck by these girls as I have I would ask some of my running and non running friends to think about joining me in San Antonio and running for Pashi! The more runners we have running for her the more support can go to these girls! And its just fun to have people to run 13.1 miles with!

Here is a link where you can securely give online. Thank you for your support of Pashi and the girls of As Our Own.

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